What Is Cachaca?

Cachaça (pronounced: ka-sha-sa), is a distilled sugar cane spirit from the rum family, sacred to brazil and brazilian culture.

Unlike rum, it is made from fermented sugarcane juices rather than molasses – cut fresh and processed the same day. everything about abelha is artisanal, small-batch, and certified organic.

Abelha Cachaça is available in two varieties – gold, which is aged for 3 years in Garapeira barrels, and silver, which is our 6 month rested spirit.

While the silver is fruity with hints of apricot and honey notes – the gold is peppery, with tangy citrus and vanilla. Indulge in Abelha Cachaça today and experience a caipirinha like no other!

Our Ethos

Abelha Cachaça teaches the local farmers in the vicinity how to farm organically and help them become certified by the Instituto BioDynamico (Brazil’s Official Organic Association). Once certified, the farmers have a constant supply of organic sugar cane, and are paid higher amounds for their produce. Abelha pays fair prices to the local farmers supplying their organic sugar cane, and pays high wages to all workers in the Fazenda. Abelha supports the Rio De Contas community which helps boost the local economy and improve the organic farming technologies and techniques across the Rio De Contas agrictulural community.

Discover Our Craft

We are passionate about producing a 100% pure organic Cachaça in the best way possible.We use the finest sugar cane – due to the temperature differential between day and night at 1,200m altitude, the organic sugar cane retains it’s sugar and is perfect for Cachaça production. Following fermentation, the Cachaça wine, is distilled in traditional copper pot stills known as alambique with a 800 Litre capacity. Natural aquifers provide the diamond filtered water although little dilution is performed.


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Signature Cocktails

Of course, Cachaça is best known for being the star of the show in a Caipirinha, and Abelha makes the best Caipirinha. But, Cachaça is much more diverse than that, showcasing itself in many other delicious cocktails. Whether you’re running a bar or just want to have some fun at home – we’ve got some different and interesting recipes for you.