Abelha Cachaça Newsletter

Abelha Cachaça Newsletter


We present you our Summer Label!

We have it! We present you our Summer Label

 It took us months to find it, but we are dancing all over the place because it’s here! After launching an international competition to find the perfect limited edition Summer Label for Abelha Cachaça, having over 30 artists, illustrators and designers from 6 different countries sending over their creations…TA-DAH! We present you THE ONE!

winning label daniel vincent

It was no picnic, but Brazilian Designer and Illustrator Daniel Vincent Gomes made it: he represented the perfect art to match our brand’s spirit and ethos. Coming from the State of Paraíba, North East Brazil, Daniel is a young bee (he is only 26!) but is no stranger to the design world. For the past 6 years, he moved to São Paulo and has been working in the industry non-stop, creating amazing artworks for Brazilian brands, publishers and magazines, working for a number of creative companies in the country.

“I’ve learned about Abelha’s competition on Facebook, a friend of mine sent me, and I thought it was the perfect project for me” he says. “I can say I’m a huge fan of cachaça and also Bahia State, its climate and lifestyle, its colors and chilled vibe, which is nothing like anything else you’ve experience before. It’s a state of mind”.

He personally defines his works as “musical”, as he always connects melodies to his creations. This time was no different. “I sat on my desk and listened to Dorival Caymmi, one of Bahia’s and Brazil’s most inspired composers and musicians, and started to draw. It was not difficult at all to come to the final piece”. Well, if we have to thank Caymmi for our new label, fine by us! For more on Daniel’s work, you can go to his website

Our limited edition Summer label will be launched on 28th June, at Barrio East Shoreditch, East London. We’ll have a night of fun and art, celebrating Bahia and its wonders. More information to follow soon!

Along with Daniel’s artwork, other 9 pieces created by 9 different artists for the competition will be showcased in an exhibition happening during the event. Hold your breath as we will announce them here on a next post!

We are happy bees and we cannot wait to hear: do you like our new Summer label?