Abelha Cachaça Newsletter

Abelha Cachaça Newsletter


Abelha Cachaça – Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race 2015

Last Saturday, 11th April we went to East London for some “caprine fun” at the annual Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race at the Spitalfields City Farm!  The event attracted lots of people looking for fun at this famous parody of the traditional Boat Race in Putney.

This year, Oxford secured its first victory in six years through the leadership of experienced runner goat “Hamish” who defeated newcomer “Hugo” running for Cambridge. Tickets for the race were sold out and all ticket sales proceeds will support all the farm animals directly!

Abelha Cachaca not only set up a pop up bar but also offered a great surprise for the visitors: a human size Whack- a- Mole gathered friends together for a laugh and some amazing goatee snaps were taken!