In the early 2000’s, a team of organic spirits enthusiasts went out to explore for the best tasting organic Cachaça in Brazil. In Rio De Contas – a beautiful old mining town which sits amongst the hills and valleys on the edge of the Chapada Diamantina – where they met Marcos Vaccaro, an organic sugar cane farmer.


Marcos is a visionary and an expert in all things organic, certified by the IBD (Istituto BioDynamico) and a recognized specialist in organic agriculture in Brazil. The Fazenda (farm) is situated near Rio de Contas nestled at 1,200 metres altitude and it has several organic fruit trees, organic sugar cane, organic coffee plantation and tree-house accommodation for all visitors. Abelha Cachaça was born out of shared principles, values and vision and it is made with love in the heart of Bahia which holds a powerful historic, natural and cultural heritage. 


It’s a 100% single estate family operation with all production coordinated from cane field to pot still by Marcos, who is always looking to improve his organic farming practices & distillation methods. Abelha Cachaça is organically certified in both the ‘growing of the sugar cane’ and the ‘process of distilling’ through international standards. Only natural fertiliser is used and no pesticides or additives. Abelha Cachaça is designed as a sipping spirit with cleanliness, aroma, texture, long finish and it’s perfect for fresh full-on cocktails.

Shared Beliefs

Abelha Cachaça teaches the local farmers in the vicinity how to farm organically and help them become certified by the Instituto BioDynamico (Brazil’s Official Organic Association). Once certified, the farmers have a constant supply of organic sugar cane, and are paid higher amounts for their produce. Abelha pays fair prices to the local farmers supplying their organic sugar cane, and pays high wages to all workers in the Fazenda. Abelha supports the Rio De Contas community, which helps boost the local economy, and improve the organic farming technologies and techniques across the Rio De Contas agricultural community.


Abelha supports the local Rio De Contas Foundation, and helps during Carnival Time in Brazil. Abelha supports the upkeep on the beautiful Chapada Diamantina so that tourists can appreciate it’s natural beauty year on year. The Fazenda (farm) is a 100% sustainable, self-sufficient, clean running farm – all waste is re-used in future farming. All cars and tractors on the farm run on by-products from the distillate. We’re always looking to improve organic technologies and infrastructure where possible.


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