Recipe: our very own Christmas caipirinha


Holiday season is just around the corner and the festive feeling is taking over us! And what a better way to celebrate with friends and family  than with a tasty and creative drink? Our very own christmas caipirinha is a twist on the traditional  caipirinha drink, and  is a guaranteed spirit raiser (no pun intended)! Here’s what you’ll need:

• 35 ml Abelha cachaça silver
• 50 ml cranberry juice
• 1 mulled wine sachet/spice bag
• 10 ml cinnamon syrup
• Crushed ice
• 1 orange
• 1 teaspoon of cloves

Add one mulled win sachet or spice bag to the cranberry juice and after 30 seconds remove the spice bag and add the Abelha Cachaca silver. Pour in the cinnamon syrup, add the crushed ice and stir. To serve, garnish with a clove studded orange wedge.