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Abelha Cachaça Newsletter


Probably the world’s only bottle of sloe cachaça…

Sloe Cachaca - Abelha Silver plus wild sloes

Currently sat in the bar at Abelha HQ, probably the world’s only bottle of sloe cachaça. I made it last November from wild sloes picked from Hackney and elsewhere inside the M25, London.


  • Pick sloes, from the blackthorn tree/bush thing.
  • People say you should wait until after first frost, but if you live in the city like me, they will all be gone by them. So do what you can, perhaps freeze them in the freezer overnight.
  • Wash and stab the sloes with a pin.
  • Fill the bottle about 1/3 full of sloes, add about 8 teaspoons of fine white sugar, then add cachaça.
  • Let it sit somewhere near a door for 2-3 months. Everyone that passes the bottle should give it a lucky shake.
It’s delicious. Tastes like sloe gin with fresh vegetal and cane notes. Stupid thing to say I know, but I can’t really describe it. I now understand though why sloe gin is so good – sloes have a very juniper like punt to them, but you normally can’t taste it as it’s overwhelmed by sweet or sourness.