Abelha Cachaça Newsletter

Abelha Cachaça Newsletter


On 30th May at Upper Playground, Milo Tchais - Abelha friend and artist behind the van and the Abelha Gold label - held his first solo exhibition.  The Abelha 'Sterling Moss' Cart was on hand, ably managed by Eddy and

Organic Spirit are another company who believe in using the best quality natural ingredients wherever possible. David, a pretty mean mixologist and fellow Hackney resident will create bespoke cocktails and food for events, some amazing looking creations. Check them out.  

You can now buy Abelha Cachaça in Edinburgh, Scotland! Our friends at Royal Mile Whiskies carry both Abelha Silver and Gold both in store and online. Royal Mile Whiskies Edinburgh 379 High St Edinburgh EH1 1PW Tel – 0131 2253383 Royal Mile Whiskies London 3 Bloomsbury St London WC1N