Abelha Cachaça Newsletter

Abelha Cachaça Newsletter


We are mega happy that celebrated Bahian artist, Ananda Nahu, has designed a new label for Abelha, which will be available from mid June.  Ananda comes from the small countryside town of Juazeiro, in Bahia.  Ananda has painted her intricate,

Cachaca, Brazil’s most popular drink, is woven into the history of the nation, having bolstered the colonial economy and provoked the first rebellion against the Portuguese.    And although cachaca was first made before rum, it was only early this century

The spirit cachaça combines two very different beasts; artisanal cachaça and industrial cachaça.  There are colossal differences between the two types of cachaca which result in an unmistakeable contrast in aroma, body and taste.  As Abelha is an artisanal cachaça,