Hot mulled Abelha

We can´t think of a more heart warming feeling than zipping  a hot mulled drink during this chilly season…and we have our very own recipe to get you going!

Here’s what we do:

* 1 bottle Abelha Organic Cachaça Gold (3 year old)

* Zest half an orange into the pot (make sure the oils from the skin spray onto the liquid)

* Juice of an orange (can use more to taste)

* 2 cinnamon sticks

* Teaspoon of cloves

* a piece of finely chopped fresh ginger.

* about 8 teaspoons of fine light brown sugar

There different things you can do like caramelise the sugar first for a richer flavour, but we were hungover and I wanted a drink as quickly as possible. So we went for the time honoured method of putting everything in the pot and heating it.

You only really need to mull it for a short amount of time (10-15 mins max) as because it’s strong alcohol it picks up flavours very quickly from the ingredients. Serve in little cups with a cinnamon stick to make it nicer and enjoy with your friends and family!