Easter recipe! Cachaça and Chocolate Mousse

Celebrate Easter with a delightful cachaça and chocolate mousse recipe by Rodrigo Oliveira, chef patron of Mocotó Restaurant, in São Paulo.  Rodrigo is one of the most celebrated young chefs in Brazil. Having turned his family-owned local restaurant into what it is today, chef Oliveira focused on reinventing traditional north-eastern Brazilian dishes, using modern techniques and passion.  Mocotó was awarded the 12th position in the San Pellegrino´s coveted list of 50 best restaurants in Latin America.   The recipe below was extracted and translated from mapadacachaça.com.br.

Happy Easter, Feliz Páscoa!




100ml aged cachaça (we suggest Abelha Cachaca Gold)

350g dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces (70% cocoa)

6 eggs

45g  melted butter

75g sugar

250g double cream

Chocolate shavings

Chocolate syrup


Cachaça Chantilly

350ml whipping cream

100ml Abelha Cachaça Silver

50g sugar
How to prepare:

1 – Melt the chocolate in bain-marie and keep it warm .

2 – Whisk the egg whites

3 – With the power on add the chocolate, butter, the aged cachaça and sugar.  Let it cool completely .

4 – In a light stainless steel bowl whisk the egg yolks in bain- marie until turning into a fluffy and silky cream.

Be careful not to coagulate the egg yolks with excessive heat. Take of the heat and let it cool completely .

5 – Whip the double cream until firm and triple in volume.

6 – Gently add the beaten egg yolks and then fold in the chocolate cream. Mix gently until smooth.

7 – Pour in small serving dishes (ramekins or champagne glasses) and refrigerate

8 –  Chantilly: Beat the whipping cream, Abelha Silver Cachaça and sugar in mixer until set


Serve it with scoops of Chantilly and decorate with chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings !