We are passionate about producing 100% pure organic Cachaça in the best way possible. We use the finest sugar cane available. Due to the temperature differential between day and night at 1,200m altitude, the organic sugar cane retains its sugar and is perfect for Cachaça production.


  • Following fermentation, the Cachaça wine is distilled in traditional copper pot stills known as alambique, with a 800 litre capacity.


  • Natural aquifers provide the diamond filtered water, although little dilution is performed.


  • Following our carefully controlled production, our Cachaça is rested for six months to produce Abelha Silver. Abelha Gold is aged in Garapeira wood barrels for three years.


No sugar is added. There are no impurities, toxins or by-products in our Cachaça – hence the fresh aromas when you open a bottle. Our Master Distiller, Marcos, lives in a tree-house and runs a muscle car on the ethanol by-product of distillation. The farm is 100% sustainable and all by-products and waste are used for either future organic farming, or burnt. Following the bottling on the Fazenda, the Cachaça hits the roads and it’s a long 12 hour journey from farm to port – then onto the rest of the world!


  • The Abelha Distillery aims to improve the local farmers’ living standards and the distillery has promoted a collective organization of organic agriculture.


  • The Fazenda puts 60% of the production capacity of its stills to the disposal of the partners prepared to adopt the system of organic agriculture.


  • Five partners have already received the certificate with several others being trained and supported throughout the process.


  • We are one of the only private Brazilian enterprises with a social rural project.


Abelha’s goal is to increase the number of organically certified farmers in the vicinity. We also want to ensure that every farmer is producing up to 2,200 litres each year. Whatever the capacity, the distillery will consistently use the organic process. The farmers grow the sugar cane on their land and deliver it to the Fazenda resulting in a constant supply and demand. The Abelha distillery then carries out the production of the Cachaça, including bottling and quality control. The production of Abelha has always and will always focus 100% on the sustainability of the farmers’ lands.