Good article here from the American Society in Sao Paolo, about the different woods used to age cachaca: Prime cachaças age in wood barrels made from over 26 different native Brazilian trees, giving them different body and characteristics. As even the

From Colin Macy, who heads up the bar at Barrio North, this is a delicious tropical take on a White Lady: 40ml Cachaça Abelha Silver 20ml Cointreau 20ml Lemon Juice 15ml Simple Syrup Flesh of half a passionfruit Half an egg white Dry shake all ingredients (to

Nice to see some of our friends and colleagues winning stuff - notably 2 of our favourite Shoreditch stockists, Callooh Callay - Best Contemporary Design AND Best Bar Team, and Saf, shortlisted for Best Restaurant. Props to Richard, Sean, Joe,

Image from miko-la Festinho is a cracking smallish (less than 2000 people), Brasilian-flavoured weekender festival down in Suffolk. From their site: An intimate, friendly festival in a magical setting, Festinho is a delicious cocktail of the best in eclectic music, sunny Brazilian

Braziliality, curated by the lovely Alicia Bastos, is an ongoing monthly art exhibition at the 16mm Cafe in Soho, which showcases work from Brazilian artists, or work inspired by Brazil. We were happy to sponsor their first Birthday party, as it

The Chapada Diamantinha is a huge expanse of highland in the North East of Brasil, stretching over an area about the size of the UK. It's home to Abelha Cachaça, where we grow our cane on the highland sandy soils. Image