You can now buy Abelha Cachaça in Edinburgh, Scotland! Our friends at Royal Mile Whiskies carry both Abelha Silver and Gold both in store and online. Royal Mile Whiskies Edinburgh 379 High St Edinburgh EH1 1PW Tel – 0131 2253383 Royal Mile Whiskies London 3 Bloomsbury St London WC1N

Introducing our new line of apparel, the 2010 official Abelha Dog Bees Moon shirt. They're a totally limited run of less than 80 shirts, featuring artwork by Olivia Skalkos (pictured above) These shirts are available to buy in store at Benny's

A tribute to one of my favourite London cocktail bars, the Lonsdale. A real industry hangout with an excellent cocktail menu, this is from the "Bartender's Favourites" pages. Their menu is here on Scribd, here is the extract: TEQUILA SAZERAC Chill a rocks

I was back at my mum's house the other day, and for some reason suddenly had a childhood urge/flashback for chrysanthemum tea (my mum is from Singapore). For those who haven't had it, chrysanthemum tea is a light, floral, dandelion-esque tea with notes of