Marcos Vaccaro has lent his magic touch to the production of Abelha Cachaça since the  early 2000s.  Here, he speaks about his passion for cachaça and for making artesanal cachaça with an organic and sustainable ethos.  We call him a

On 30th May at Upper Playground, Milo Tchais - Abelha friend and artist behind the van and the Abelha Gold label - held his first solo exhibition.  The Abelha 'Sterling Moss' Cart was on hand, ably managed by Eddy and

Sounds like a really good event up in Birmingham this September. It's a collaborative art and music festival across a few different and interesting venues, bringing together artists from Brasil and Birmingham. From the site: full three days of events, with 30

Organic Spirit are another company who believe in using the best quality natural ingredients wherever possible. David, a pretty mean mixologist and fellow Hackney resident will create bespoke cocktails and food for events, some amazing looking creations. Check them out.  

Earlier this year we printed a few of these superchic t-shirts, featuring the Abelha Dog in a representation of the classic wolf-moon t-shirts. To bag a free one, all you have to do is go write an online review of