The spirit cachaça combines two very different beasts; artisanal cachaça and industrial cachaça.  There are colossal differences between the two types of cachaca which result in an unmistakeable contrast in aroma, body and taste.  As Abelha is an artisanal cachaça,

Holiday season is just around the corner and the festive feeling is taking over us! And what a better way to celebrate with friends and family  than with a tasty and creative drink? Our very own christmas caipirinha is a

It is common knowledge that cachaça comes from sugar cane and it is the main ingredient for Brazil´s most celebrated cocktail, the caipirinha. However, when you see Abelha Cachaça bottles standing tall at a bar one can´t begin to imagine

Marcos Vaccaro has lent his magic touch to the production of Abelha Cachaça since the  early 2000s.  Here, he speaks about his passion for cachaça and for making artesanal cachaça with an organic and sustainable ethos.  We call him a