Pictures from our Annual Surf Trip and Strategic Vision Alignment Management Camp. Caipirinhas on the beach at Woolacombe Bay, North Devon. In case you're wondering why it's called surf show, when it clearly isn't actually a show, it's because in Brasil,

Abelha Cachaca was proud to support the re-launch of the famous Naked Turtle in East Sheen. The restaurant / cocktail bar renown for it's high quality jazz and great drinks is back with a vengeance. Given a complete make-over, the

I'm just back from hanging out at the fazenda (farm) in Brasil. We talked a lot about cane, yeast, fermentation, distillation (I talked in very bad Portuguese), tasted a lot of cachaça, and even managed to get a day's surfing

On the same day as a similar sounding event, Sunday the 29th March 2009, we will race two actual goats along a difficult, meandering course lined with cheering spectators. It's a charity event we're putting on in collaboration with Magic-Ish (and

Monday night sees the Abelha research lab knock up a take on a martinez. Really good, the vermouth and cachaça round each other out, and the maraschino brings it all together. 50ml Abelha cachaça gold (3 year aged) 50ml Carpano Antica Formula